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 Welcome to the old website for Robert Galusha Design. 
A new site exists where  you will find all the information that you might have expected to find here. 
You can get to the new site by clicking here.  

     I have had a long and happy career learning my craft and providing wonderful things for my clients.  I have found that lately my urge to apply what I have learned to my own design sensibilities has transformed me.   I resisted for years, the notion that I was an “artist”.  Craftsman” to be sure and perhaps “artisan” in a stretch, to me “art“ was painting or music or sculpture or writing, but furniture? Today I see that my work evokes an emotional response.  Not just in its’  beauty and grace but in the love that I have for the work.  I choose to share that with you.  I am impatient for the next inspiration and I look forward to sharing the next iteration with you.

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